Ethical front-end developer and webdesigner who wants to be involved in an exciting project. I care about the privacy and well information of users. I criticize everything, especially dirty code and non-ergonomic design.

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Note: this CV is out of date.


Sass, HTML5/CSS3/Js (vanilla/jQuery), Angular, Gulp, notions VueJS & Backbone | UX/UI, Photoshop, Illustrator | Node, PHP, SQL | C, C++, Assembly.

I master the web languages (HTML5, CSS3, Js vanilla) and Sass (and its standards and architectures). I am currently using Foundation, jQuery and Angular, I previously used VueJs and Backbone, and I can quickly move to others frameworks if necessary. I love the clean code bases and organized architectures. I push as much as possible to a code that is efficient, readable, well documented and easily maintainable by others.

I’m familiar enough with design concepts to work on UX and conceive an UI of a site or application. I’m familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator to create web designs and required illustrations. However, in most cases, a full preview is not necessary and I prefer working with paper, mockups and HTML/CSS for efficiency reasons.

Front-end technical background

Frontend Contributor at ZURB Foundation (October 2016 – now)

[Sass, HTML5/CSS3/Js]
Contributor as frontend developer in the Core Team « Yetinauts » of Foundation, the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world. I am mainly fixing issues and preparing major Sass changes for v7 (namespace, SMACSS, ITCSS, separable theme…), which will highly facilitate the Foundation customization in a Sass project.

Frontend Contributor at CaliOpen (January 2016 – May 2016)

[Sass, HTML5/CSS3, AngularJS, Redux, Gulp, ES6]
Contributor as frontend developer and webdesigner on the Open Source project CaliOpen, a privacy-first messaging application supported by My work was essentially cleaning and organizing the Sass code base (move the frontend framework from Bootstrap to Foundation and adopt a SMACSS structure), implementing new features (add pages and UI components) and discussing about the application design and UX issues.

Webdesigner at Softium (Jully 2015 – August 2015)

Webdesigner in a startup on a job plateform. I conceived the UX and pages designs early in project, and helped in the product definition.

Frontend Engineer & Webdesigner at Tawimi (January 2015 – February 2015)

Freelance as Frontend Engineer and Webdesigner on « Tawimi ». I conceived and implemented the website interface, and developed the required tools (like a CSS responsive and grid framework).


Major contributions on CaliOpen:
#63 Migrate the Sass framework from Bootstrap to Foundation (Sass)
#72 Add flash message (mostly Js)
#21 Refactor the contact list page and global Sass (Sass)
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Major contributions on Foundation (updated December 2016):
#8528 Add static grid gutters, standardize and clean grid gutters
#8693 Make responsive gutters the default
#9439 Factorize breakpoints map handling
[All Pull Requests]

Other relevant contributions: gulp-shopify-sass, angular-flash (#36) and sass-lint (#614).

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